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Hand Massage

Wellness Services

I use massage, acupuncture, yoga and Chinese herbs to reduce pain, stress and improve health. Each patient is unique with specific needs. Get in touch with me today so I can help you on your path to better health.

Back Massage
Yoga Class

Therapeutic Massage with An Orthopaedic Approach

Massage is renowned for its ability to relax body and mind. It is the ultimate stress reducer. Yet massage is much more. Massage is also highly therapeutic. Massage can alleviate pain. It is a highly useful modality in injury rehabilitation. With massage I focus on creating symmetry in the body. This ensures more efficient body movement and reduced risk of injury and pain.

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology

Acupuncture is the art of placing needles in the body to improve health. Chinese herbalism involves the use of time proven herbal prescriptions, specifically tailored to the individual, to improve well-being. It is believed that acupuncture affects the electrical (nervous) system of our bodies in a way that promotes healing and provides pain relief. Chinese herbal formulas when used correctly, are body tonics. I take great care when inserting needles or prescribing herbs for my clients. Patients experience minimum pain with my needling technique. Herbal formulas are designed to improve efficacy while reducing any negative side effects.

Yoga Therapy

I teach my clients yoga poses that help improve their health conditions. Yoga is an important part of patient home care. It can within minutes provide pain relief, reduce stress and improve overall well-being.


"Good health is your wealth"

Dr. Laurel Stuart



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