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Making Resolutions Stick : How do you do it?


We’ve made it to 2021!!

After 2020 we do have to recognize that making it to 2021 was quite a feat! Every single day we get to see is a new blessing. Every new day is a day where we get to decide how we will choose to live our lives.

Maybe you've made some resolutions, it is that time of the year. Or maybe you haven't.

How do we get resolutions to stick? How do we achieve our goals and get to that point where we look at, or within ourselves and acknowledge- “I did it!”

To get our resolutions to stick we simply must COMMIT. How determined you are to achieve a goal plays a major role in if you actually accomplish it.

Here are a few tips to help you commit to achieving your resolutions in 2021.

1. Flexible, Manageable Resolutions

Are your resolutions doable when you are super busy or super stressed? Promising to go for a walk or a run every day of the work week may not be realistic. Promising to practice 60 mins of yoga every afternoon may be difficult when life starts demanding more of your time. Are you flexible when it comes to achieving your resolutions? Falling off track with our goals is common. Just remember it’s never too late to start again if you really want to achieve a goal.

2. Mini-Resolutions

Creating a healthy habit may be what we hope to achieve by making a new year’s resolution. The cool news is that it can take as little as 18 days for some of us to form a new habit. The bad news is that it can also take some of us up to 254 days to create the same habit. If you can’t commit for 6 months to achieving your resolution, can you commit to 3 or 4 weeks? Can you make your new resolution a priority for a short period of time? Mini resolutions allow us greater chance of success. With mini- resolutions we also get to see if the resolution is one we really want to, or can keep.

3. Resolution Rewards

Psychological hedonism states all human behaviour is driven by two factors- the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Do you take time to appreciate your small wins? Can you acknowledge any positive outcomes from starting a New Year’s resolution (even if you don't quite achieve your goal)? Rewards can strengthen our commitments to achieving our resolutions. And let’s be honest, rewards feel good. Rewarding small wins may serve as impetus in achieving greater success.

4. Resolution Reminders

Creating a new habit can be difficult simply because we forget to do it. What better way to remember a new resolution than by giving yourself reminders? Sticky notes on the fridge or work area may work for you. Smartphone reminder apps are great paper free ways to remember a new resolution.

Whatever your resolutions I like to believe “if there is a will, there is a way”

Happy New Years Folks!

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