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REGULAR MASSAGE: Why it’s a good investment for your health

One question clients frequently ask is “when should I get my next massage?

This is a particularly good question to ask your therapist.


Because everyone is unique in their needs for massage.

Most of us know how good we feel after a single massage, but what are the benefits of committing to regular massage? At present there has not been enough research on the subject for us to have a comprehensive answer. Most massage experts however agree that the benefits of massage are cumulative. Here is a look at what some of the research has found so far:


One study from the Asian Journal of Nursing Education and Research found regular massage helps the body return to a state of rest. The study also found regular massage helps the body cope with the physiological effects of negative stress. Constant worrying, irritability, moodiness, and depression are all symptoms of stress overload. Massage leads to relaxation of body and mind. Doesn’t it stand to reason that regular massage can help in the creation of peace of mind?


Massage relaxes muscle tissue and aids in postural correction. Massage has also been proven an effective treatment against certain types of pain. Athletes commonly use massage for muscle recovery between events and studies have found massage can increase joint mobility and flexibility. If the effects of massage are cumulative regular massage can then be used to enhance musculoskeletal health. Arguably massage can also enhance immunity as it increases blood and lymphatic circulation.

Hopefully by now most persons understand massage is more than just a luxury. It is a powerful healthcare modality, a necessity that benefits everyone. So whether you and your therapist decide- because of your physical and mentor stressors- monthly massage or perhaps biweekly massage is best to help you maintain good health, invest in regular sessions. There may be outstanding benefits waiting for you in the hands of a good masseuse. Book an appointment today!

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